List of products by brand Opipan


Opipan Products are born among the largest and most modern cities in southern Italy, European Capital of Culture 2019 and UNESCO Heritage, in the City of Sassi, Matera.

OPIPAN "Made in Matera" products are handmade, without alcohol or preservatives - suitable for vegans - it is not necessary to freeze them and they remain fresh for over 180 days at room temperature to enjoy them whenever you want with the flavor and crunchiness of freshly baked bread from the baker.

Opipan baked products are rich in history and tradition, they certainly owe their goodness to the use of the famous "remilled durum wheat semolina flour" which, mixed with simple ingredients such as pure water, selected salt, natural mother yeast and yeast beer, manages to give the product a high digestibility, an intense aroma and especially a unique taste without equal, characterized by a perfect mix between the pleasant softness of its alveolated crumb with a light straw yellow color and the right crunchiness offered by its crust of amber brown color.

From the oldest recipe in the world of the tradition of the city of Matera, Opipan products from the "MADE in MATERA" line can be enjoyed at any time, fresh and crunchy as if freshly baked by the baker.

Goodness Beyond Time

The products can be stored for over 180 days at room temperature and in their intact and original packaging, to be enjoyed at any time fragrant and crunchy as if freshly baked by the baker.