List of products by brand Società Cooperativa Ruggiero

The Società Cooperativa Agricola Ruggiero boasts experience in the sector for over 40 years. Thanks to a cooperative identity oriented towards competence and innovation, Ruggiero has become a leader in agricultural production in just a few years.

The CIPOLLOTTO NOCERINO DOP, an excellent product of our company, is a true vegetable jewel, so much so that it is defined as the white gold of the Agro Nocerino - Sarnese. Grown, harvested and handled with love, it is characterized by a white bulb and a sweet and delicate flavour.

Now an intrinsic factor of the Agro tradition, the NOCERINO ONION boasts numerous historically recognized beneficial properties: a friend of the cardio-circulatory system with a notable diuretic effect. By virtue of its high versatility, in the kitchen it can be used both to enrich mixed salads, sauces, cheeses and meats and its leaves are used in the best gourmet dishes.