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In a hidden corner of Lucania, in the Agri valley always shining as when in the Pleistocene era it shone from the waters of a lake, in Sarconi, in a happy place for its climate and scents, stands the small BELISARIO farm.

The lands that constitute it and that compete for space with the surrounding hills, all sloping down from the Sirino (2005 ms/lm) lie flat and undulating along the path of the Sciaura, a river blessed for the quality of its waters of constant flow, fresh and low-calcareous waters , necessary for the most valuable cultures.

The original nucleus of the company, certainly smaller, suitable for a Courtesy-type economy, historically dates back to the end of the 19th century but only recently with grandfather Domenico, his son Mario and the current operator , his nephew Domenico, has found reasons and motivations for a production impulse that aims above all at quality through the meticulous and loving research of the most valuable ecotypes dating back to the ancient bean crops, jewels which, since the beginning of the 80s, have found attention policy, scientific support accredited by universities throughout Europe up to the recognition, the first in Basilicata, of the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).

Today the BELISARIO company, certified by AGROQUALITA', a control body for the PGI accredited by MIPAF, produces and packages over 20 ecotypes, seeds handed down from father to son and which, deservedly saved from a certain disappearance from the biological cycle as well as from economic and cultural memory, have been restored not only to a correct and healthy diet but also to the pleasure and pride of tasting unique and unmistakable products.

ZOLFINO BEAN - 500 gr.
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Its name derives from the pale yellow color, similar to sulphur. The characteristics that enhance it are the very thin skin (a peculiarity that makes it very digestible), as well as the dense and creamy consistency, the intense flavor and the ability to withstand cooking.