List of products by brand Pastificio Italyca

The Italyca pasta factory is a very young entrepreneurial reality in the Lucanian region that was born on the threshold of 2020 in the Matera Hill from the passion for the territory of its founder, in love with the ancient Matera pasta-making traditions.

The objective of Pastificio Italyca is to enhance the organoleptic qualities of the grains of the Matera hills through the transformation of them into Matera pasta. The processing and production system is entirely artisanal to maintain the traditions of pasta processing, but above all, without modifying the organoleptic and nutritional substances of the product.

A process with a short supply chain that guarantees the consumer the high taste of the pasta, through the use of quality raw materials for the production of the pasta is, for Italyca, a social and ethical responsibility that has its roots in the land and in the fields of wheat and in the culture based on respect for the territory, people and the environment.