List of products by brand Matè

Matè is the essence of the passion that Cantine Cifarelli has expressed for Matera for years. An idea born from the love for quality products and a strong connection with the territory. A new brand, a new line of products entirely dedicated to the city of the Sassi. From the name to the content, we wanted to capture Matera in all its essence and enclose it in an elegant bottle with its perfumes, its aromas, its sensations. The real pleasure will be to taste Matera in one sip. Thanks also to the precious collaboration of Piero Manicone, an established barman who grew up in the mixology sector, the best botanicals of the area were sought, selected and tested to build the exact formula most representative of Matera. Matè was born like this, from teamwork, from the union of several passions, from different experiences but all united by a common denominator, the love for Matera.