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Our company with its cultivations of olives, durum wheat and legumes is a typical agricultural company of the Materana hills.

In fact, when you arrive by car in MATERA, the thing that strikes you most in spring are the colours.

Strange colors for these regions of southern Italy which are always imagined to be scorched by the sun and the wind, in shades of yellow ocher and stone grey.

In an intense blue sky, almost turquoise, the shiny green of the hills stands out, sown with durum wheat, the branches covered with lush leaves of the olive trees and fruit trees sway in the wind, warmly, the white and pink fronds are set of almond and cherry trees.

If, then, you decide to take a walk on the Murgia Materana, the spectacle becomes magnificent.

On this side of the canyon, carved out for centuries by the Gravina torrent, lies a landscape that smells of prehistory with the moss-stained gray of the Murgic rocks, the dark and silent caves in the most varied shades of stone and the colorful and fragrant flowers of the countless herbs medicinal and spices.

Beyond the stream, the ancient MATERA, the Matera dei Sassi, stands imperiously, drawing a clear outline in the clear sky with the opaque white of its tuff illuminated by the sun setting in front of it, while the Cathedral church, with its bell tower seems to want to create a tear in this shining and intense blanket that is the sky.

Nature and civilization, separated by a ravine, merge in the reflection of the diaphanous and golden rays from the sun in a kaleidoscope of tones and shades that conquer the heart and instill beauty in the eyes of those who look at them.