List of products by brand Gangalupo

For several generations the Girone-Bisceglie family has been working in the agricultural sector, developing cultivation techniques and processes always aimed at beautiful, efficient agriculture that respects the cycles of nature.

Luigi and Vito grew up playing among the rows of olive trees in the Ganga di Lupo district, chasing their father Michele's tractor from whom they learned the love for the fruits of the earth and from their mother Maria the teaching of family values such as patience and consistency which, together with continuous work, then allows them to be collected.

In the 15 hectares of olive groves, the production of coratina cultivar olives had reached around 800/900 quintals per year. In the summer of 2017, the Girone family decided to invest in the direct transformation of the product. Thanks to great attention in the selection of the best oil mill and the choice of the cold pressing process, GangaLupo Oil is bottled.

A first selected and quality production. A brand that merges the different characters of Luigi and Vito, subverts their paths, mixes them and projects them, strengthened by the family tradition, into a new entrepreneurial activity that brings the taste of this adventure to your tables.