List of products by brand Molino Bongermino

Molino Bongermino is an artisanal company specialized in the grinding of different cereals. Founded in 2012 in Laterza (Puglia), the mill has focused its production on durum wheat semolina, subsequently integrating the range thanks to the research and development of new products, a careful selection of fine local grains, and the control of the manufacturing process. , to the rigor in carrying out daily laboratory analyses. The company today boasts a fully automated and advanced technology grinding plant, a qualified and highly professional management. To guarantee the quality of its production, it wanted to focus on the traceability of the entire production chain, on environmental sustainability and food safety, as demonstrated by its certifications:

- EU-Organic certification for organic flours

- ISO 22005:2007 - Traceability in the food and feed supply chain for semolina.

The company has also launched the "Filiera Punto Zero" project, which provides a blockchain platform on which the consumer can trace all the steps in the supply chain.