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" Il Nettare degli Dei " beekeeping was born from a simple family story, but rich in tradition and dedication, the same that I still place today in my work as a beekeeper, the result of a passion handed down over time.

At the beginning of the 1930s my grandfather Alessandro, later joined by my father Tommaso, raised bees that danced undisturbed from one flower to another and tirelessly collected nectar in the hills of Matera.

With the end of summer came the time to collect the honeycombs, which, squeezed by hand, produced the sweet and precious honey, which was then stored in terracotta jars.

Thanks to the precious advice and experience inherited, the passion for beekeeping gave birth to " Il Nettare degli Dei " in 2003, an activity based on the strength of the family, mine and the "extended" one of the bees.

Queens, workers and drones find shelter in over 450 hives located in the Lucanian territory, from the Matera hills to the Ionian coast, passing through the Murgia and the San Giuliano Naturalistic Oasis.

and not only

But beekeeping is not the only activity carried out on the company, thanks to the help of my brother Paolo, who passionately dedicates himself to the care of fruit trees (apricot, percoco, pear, black cherry, plums), in spring-summer we add the scent and color of the fruits to the wide variety of honeys.

In autumn, oil and cardoncelli mushrooms reign supreme.