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The Frantoio Lamonarca is the result of a solid family tradition which, for three generations now, has been involved in the production of oil and wine.

The founder Rocco, who started this adventure in 1947, was succeeded in 1971 by his sons Francesco, Giuseppe and Mario, supported today by his children, who have lived and had the opportunity to learn directly all the varied aspects of this activity since they were children. .

The oil mill is located in the historic medieval town of Ruvo di Puglia, rich in centuries-old olive groves and a destination for cultural tourism.

The origins, how oil was produced in the last century

The historic oil mill, founded in 1947 by Rocco Lamonarca in Ruvo di Puglia, originally stood in the central Via Carlo Rosselli.

Always attentive to technological progress, it was the first oil mill to use electricity for some processing phases, previously carried out using animal traction, as well as with human arms themselves.

Initially, the production process required a long time and a high staff presence.

There were two work teams, in turn composed of 12 work units, which alternated in 8-hour shifts.

The daily production capacity was close to 70 quintals of olives.