BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml.
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BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml.

Slow Food Presidium - La Majatica - Cultivar: Majatica - BIO - 500 ml glass bottle.


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The majatica cultivar is a typical variety of the Matera hills in Basilicata where the olive tree grows majestically and where a high quality oil is obtained

An oil that expresses the bitter, particularly delicate and faintly fruity flavour that is a symbol of the sun-drenched hills of Lucania

The oil La Majatica is a beautiful intense golden yellow colour with slight green hues, clear to the eye

Its aroma is elegant and complex, characterised by vegetal notes of lettuce and artichoke, to which hints of unripe tomato and almond are added

Its taste is fine and enveloping, with tones of aromatic herbs, reminiscent of basil, mint and rosemary, and spicy nuances of cinnamon and black pepper

Bitterness and spiciness are present and harmonic

Type: Organic

Expiry date: 8 Apr 2023

Capacity / Weight: 500 ML

Packaging: Glass bottle

Producer Region: Basilicata

Origin: Italy

Olive variety: Majatica Di Ferrandina

Certification: BIO

Taste of oil: Medium fruity

Year of production: 2021

Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from olives harvested and pressed in Italy

Storage: In a cool and dry place. Protected from light, heat sources and unpleasant odours. Once opened, minimise exposure to air

Shelf life: Best consumed within 18 months from the bottling date

Serving suggestions: Excellent with bruschette with vegetables, barley salads, marinated amberjack, tomatoes with rice, legume soups, first courses with salmon, prawns in guazzetto, shellfish au gratin, baked poultry or lamb, fresh pasta filata cheese

Suggested Usage: For raw seasoning of cold and hot dishes of medium texture. For short cooking at high temperatures

Use in cooking: Uncooked, for short cooking at high temperature

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