Who we are

Everything that is born is made of earth; water and roots are in the earth; inside the grain you eat and the grape wine there is all the goodness of the earth”.
I had never thought that the land was used to grow wheat and support us, even more so now that I was studying.
Cesare Pavese

Everything that is born is made of earth;

Behind Mangiamocisud there are people who no longer recognize themselves in the values, lifestyles and approaches of contemporary, frenetic, hyper-industrialized society, emptied of the ultimate meaning of existence: a healthy relationship with creation, with the planet, with the earth that has nourished us since we appeared on this fragment of rock that mysteriously continues to shine with beauty in the darkness of the universe.



... water, and roots are in the earth;

Mangiamocisud is not a bucolic dream but a vital, concrete necessity to return to a less distorted, inconsistent and wearing economy, to reconnect to a more measured and harmonious productive life compared to the ancestral rhythms of nature.

...inside the grain you eat

Mangiamocisud is a return to mother earth, a source of nourishment for men and animals, a sacred space because it is a dispenser of food and fertility, a unique home at our disposal.



... and grape wine

Mangiamocisud is a gift that we give first of all to ourselves and then to others, because the products that we collect every day from our producer friends and that we deliver to your homes, on your tables, are a small-big act of love but also a beautiful excuse to return to living in symbiosis with the earth.

... there is everything good in the earth.

Mangiamocisud is a gentle but decisive rejection of the distortions of life imposed by consumer civilization, so unnatural, so wrong: overproduction, food waste, the exploitation of environmental resources, the poor quality and safety of food, working conditions without dignity and humanity, massive pollution, stress, alienation and loneliness, all these problems in our project find a counterpart in productive sobriety, in virtuous recycling, in respect for nature, in the genuineness of the products we promote, in respect for work and workers who still get their hands "dirty" with the land, in the reduction of harmful emissions, in sociality and conviviality to be reconquered and handed over to the new generations.



Food is a social act in every place and in every era"
Roland Barthes

Sociality around food, the sharing of experiences inspired by it, conviviality are the values that inspire Mangiamocisud, a reality that intends to spread the best food culture of Southern Italy as an enormous heritage of food and wine biodiversity and identities spread across the territories, promoting its social, cultural and symbolic meanings.

The flavours, smells, atmospheres, rites and celebrations that develop around food represent the most immediate and portentous expression of the culture of a territory, its business card, the sign of the quality that distinguishes the countless production realities that populate the countryside of southern Italy.

The deep and ancestral bond with the land is the hallmark of the productive realities that Mangiamocisud wants to discover, enhance and promote with a real and symbolic action of excavation within the territory, which can generate the emergence of processes, products and culinary techniques little known but full of ancient wisdom, high quality and inimitable goodness.

Extra virgin olive oil, wine, cured meats, fresh or mature cheeses, preserves, honey, fruit and numerous other products make Basilicata and Southern Italy iconic places in the collective imagination of millions of people who they have "tasted" them and can't wait to eat them again.

Just as tasting, which someone has defined as "a one-way ticket for which the return has already been paid", is the gateway to new cultural universes, so food is a language, an integrated system in which foods they represent the most convincing and immediate words with which we tell our culture to the whole world.

Traditions, stories, memories that are re-activated by a smell, a flavour, an atmosphere, real switches capable of activating that parallel universe buried in our deepest unconscious, where, waiting to be recalled, memories reside, emotions, experiences of conviviality, a beautiful concept that refers to living together, eating and drinking together, sharing food. How beautiful life can be.

This is the philosophy that animates Mangiamocisud. A passionate project that intends to generate and strengthen a sentimental bond with eating well and healthy, bringing the agri-food excellence of this part of Italy wherever there is a need to reconcile with life through food.


We do not invite each other to simply eat and drink, but to eat and drink together

Mangiamocisud is an online sales platform, a showcase on local delicacies, an open window on the best food and wine products of the Lucanian area and surrounding areas.

The strategic objective of Mangiamocisud is the promotion of agri-food excellence by highlighting the artisanal component of the production processes adopted by the producers participating in the project, an element underlying the quality and authenticity of the products present on the platform.

With an archaeological approach, Mangiamocisud is constantly searching for those "hidden" realities characterized by the quality of the typical products, often linked to family management of the company, without however neglecting the aspect of food safety and the related certifications to short supply chains, the real strong point of the project.

In fact, nowadays, there is a lot of talk about "good cooking and good food"; a topic that excites people and pushes them to deal with it more and more often. As a result, we tend to eat healthier, to refine our tastes, to take an interest in issues that are only apparently distant, such as those of small-scale agricultural production to which Mangiamocisud is particularly attentive.

“Finding” genuine products, telling them about their origins, history, production process, manufacturing techniques, suggesting consumption methods, delivering them quickly and in absolute comfort and safety to the tables of registered Italians and sentimental Italians - the lovers of the "cuisines" of the Bel Paese scattered around the world - and finally bringing people to the places of production: vegetable gardens, stables, laboratories, etc., represent the mission of Mangiamocisud. Together with a truly "green" approach that takes into great consideration respect for nature, starting from the selection of products with low environmental impact through the use of ecological packaging, up to the support of reforestation and social inclusion projects with the involvement of disadvantaged people and categories.