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Welcome to our ecommerce dedicated to the typical products of Southern Italy, a real treasure chest of culinary and artisanal delicacies from this rich and varied region.

Our selection of products will take you on a culinary journey through the traditions, flavors and authentic aromas of the South. Here are some of our treasures to discover:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Southern Italy is famous for its high quality olive oil. We offer a selection of extra virgin oils from Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and other regions. Each bottle tells a story of tradition and flavour.

2. Typical Cheeses: From the renowned Campania mozzarella to the pecorino cheeses of Sardinia, we present a variety of typical Southern Italian cheeses. Perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine or to use in traditional recipes.

3. Artisanal cured meats: The southern regions are famous for their cured meats. Discover the authentic taste of these savory specialities, perfect for an appetizer rich in flavours

4. Artisan Pasta: Pasta is a pillar of Italian cuisine and our selection of artisanal pasta from Southern Italy is an ode to tradition.

5. Traditional Desserts: Southern Italian desserts are a feast for the palate.

6. Regional Wines: Accompany your meals with a bottle of the renowned wines of Southern Italy. From robust reds to fresh whites, our selection will help you discover the secrets of Southern vineyards.

7. Organic Products: If you are looking for organic and zero kilometer products, we offer a range of foods grown and produced according to traditional and sustainable methods. Discover the true taste of Southern Italy through our selection of typical products.

Each product is carefully chosen to guarantee authenticity and quality. Be part of this culinary journey and add a touch of Italian authenticity to your table. Enjoy your meal!