Pasta and rice

Artisan Excellence: Pasta from Puglia and Lucanian Wheat with Senatore Cappelli and Ancient Grains

Welcome to the epicenter of Southern Italy's culinary authenticity. Our selection of Apulian and Lucanian wheat pasta, made with ancient grains from the famous Senator Cappelli, is a tribute to regional culinary traditions. Each fusilli, orecchiette, and pappardelle is a small masterpiece of artisanal production. Discover the union between the ancient and the contemporary in our collection.

Senatore Cappelli Wheat: A Legacy of Excellence Senatore Cappelli is an ancient wheat that has regained its place of honor in the fields of Southern Italy. Its rediscovery led to the creation of a pasta that combines the inimitable taste of ancient grains with artisanal attention to detail.

Artisan Production: Passion and Dedication Each Senatore Cappelli wheat pasta in our selection is the result of artisan production carried out with passion and dedication. Every step, from milling the grain to shaping, is carried out with care to guarantee a superior quality product.

Unique Specialties: Fusillo, Orecchietta, Pappardelle and More In our collection, you will find a variety of specialties, including curly fusilli, iconic shaped orecchiette, pappardelle and much more. These unique shapes capture the flavors and traditions of Southern Italy.

Flavor and Nutrition in Every Bite Senatore Cappelli pasta is known for its intense flavor and al dente texture. This pasta is also rich in essential nutrients, offering a combination of taste and well-being.

Discover Southern Italy in your kitchen Bring Southern Italy directly to your table with our Senatore Cappelli pasta. Experiment with traditional recipes or create unique dishes that capture the essence of the Puglia and Basilicata regions.

Join us on this culinary journey and discover the authentic excellence of ancient grains and artisanal productions. Purchase today to enjoy the culinary experience of Southern Italy. Enjoy your meal!